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Welcome to web site of the National Authority for Implementation of the Chemical Weapons Conventions in Sri Lanka (NACWC), under the Ministry of Difence. NACWC provides a quality and efficient services to its clients mainly for industrialists and chemical importers/exporters. You can browse through the website periodically to know about our future plans, online applications for import/export chemicals, valuable information to enhance chemical security, safety and health factor in your premises and useful web links related to chemical weapons convention. For now, I invite you to our website for an interesting and educative journey.

News & Events

Controlled chemical release scheduled to prevent explosion in wake of Ohio train derailment

The release has the potential to be deadly if inhaled, prompting officials on Monday to order an immediate evacuation of a 1-mile by 2-mile area surrounding East Palestine that includes parts of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Representatives of NACWC staff visited Colombo Port Fire brigade and CBRN unit, SLNS Rangalla on 08th February 2023. It was the first official visit of NACWC in year 2023 at the first responders facility. The aim of this visit is to share knowledge and experience on chemical handling and identify the practical issues of the ground level. During the visit, NACWC staff got an opportunity to operate and observe the serviceability and function of advanced Chemical detection equipments available at both sections.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Training Programmes

  • 2023-03-21
Awareness Programme for Scheduled Chemical Users

As a regulatory body, NACWC believes that enhancing the awareness of the regulatory frame-work to the scheduled chemical users is more beneficial during service providing more efficiently and effectiv...

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  • 2023-05-17
International Training Course for Incident Commanders

The objective of this International Training Course for Incident Commanders is to help participating States Parties enhance the abilities and skills of their officers in charge of chemical incidents, ...

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  • 2023-05-23

The overall objective of the forum is to create a platform for sharing lessons learned and best practices in chemical safety and security management, in addition to learning about the policies adopted...

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  • 2022-03-07
Workshop on “Emerging Chemical Threats for National Security” is scheduled to be held on 24th March 2022.

With the industrial development during the past decade, Sri Lanka is experiencing chemical disasters which can be observed more frequently than early days. Such events include fires, explosions, leaka...

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