An Awareness Programme on Chemical Safety, Security, and Chemical Weapons Non-Proliferation Initiatives was conducted by the National Authority for Implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention (NACWC). This event took place on October 5, 2023, at the Nandimithra Auditorium, Ministry of Defence. Distinguished guests graced the event, including Mr. Jayantha Edirisinghe (Additional Secretary Defence Services), Rear Admiral (Dr.) Ravi Ranasinghe, VSV, USP, psc, (Director of NACWC) Dr. Rohan P. Perera (the Guest Lecturer), along with officials from the SL Army, Navy, Air Force officials from Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Industry, Sri Lanka port Authority, Central Environment Authority, officials from other regulatory authorities, representatives from chemical industries and government entities and Academia in total, approximately 100 participants attended this program.

The primary objective of this awareness program was to educate and enlighten key stakeholders including government agencies, industry professionals, and academic institutions, regarding the critical domains of chemical safety, security, and non-proliferation initiatives within Sri Lanka.Dr. Rohan P. Perera, an eminent Expert and Consultant in CBRNE Safety and Security and former Senior Programme Officer at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), conducted an insightful guest lecture covering crucial topics.These included strategies for securing CBRN material, equipment, and knowledge through due diligence and "know-your-customer" practices, as well as an effective Chemical Inventory Management System aimed at preventing misuse of chemicals by illicit end-users.

Following this lecture, Mr. DAAK Amaradewa, a Senior Chemical Inspector, shared invaluable insights through a lecture focused on key initiatives undertaken by the National Authority. These initiatives were designed to enhance safety and security in the management of dual-use chemicals within the country. The Director of NACWC emphasized in his address that the implementation of non-proliferation initiatives would enhance chemical safety and security in Sri Lanka. Further, highlighted the importance of conducting such awareness programs and introduced the proposed online chemical management system as a crucial tool to foster a safer and more secure environment for handling and managing chemical substances. The program concluded on a successful note with a token of appreciation presented to the guest lecturer, Dr. Rohan P. Perera, acknowledging his invaluable contribution to the event.

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