National Authority for Implementation of the Chemical Weapon Convention facilitated the Industrial Segment of the OPCW Associate Programme 2023. The Dipped Products PLC agreed to support and collaboration in facilitating the industrial training of Mr. Thapelo NTHOKANA from Botswana and Mr. Francis KAYAMBA from Zambia as part of the industrial segment of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Associate Programme, which took place from 27 August to 16 September 2023.

The National Authority for the Implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention appreciated the Dipped Products PLC for all the activities related to this training segment meticulously organized and executed. Further, entire team at Dipped Products PLC demonstrated the highest level of expertise, dedication, and commitment to ensuring the success of this significant event.

Both the associates have successfully conducted the industrial segment and at the end of the programme they have demonstrated the lesson learnt during their stay at Dipped Products PLC. The closing ceremony was held at the Head office of the Dipped Products PLC on 14 Sep 2023. The Engineer Project, Group Safety Manager at Dipped Products PLC and representatives of the NACWC were participated for the event with two associates.

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